Rabbi Cherney giving Shiur
Rabbi Binyamin Cherney giving a Gemarra Shiur
Sh’or Yoshuv is a yeshiva with an impeccable reputation for being able to successfully guide many young men into becoming true b’nei Torah.
Rabbi Brazil giving shiur
Rabbi Shmuel Brazil giving a shiur
There is indeed some- thing very special about a yeshiva that’s sole concern is the individual--molding the talmid into a Torahdiga mensch. Whether one is coming from a contemporary yeshiva or a completely disaffiliated background, the flame that can become ignited learning in this makom Torah knows no bounds, as evident time and time again.
Lag B'omer
Lag B'omer with Rabbi Steinwurzel and Rabbi Kurland
The genuine interest of rebbe to talmid is unparalleled. The warm and compassionate rebbeim all have distinct personalities allowing every student to find his niche. Once the niche has been discovered, only then will he be able to flourish into himself. Shiruim ranging from beginner level to well-advanced, each student has the leisure to grow at his own pace without the outside pressure that may often deter achievement of one’s latent potential. Each rebbe makes it his responsibility to take his talmid under his wings, inspiring him to make strides in learning. It is all too often that before the young man himself may realize it, he is gaining the confidence necessary to be independent in learning and living in the way of the torah.
Rabbi Fischer giving hashkaffa shiur
Rabbi Yonason Fischer, S'Gan Menahel, giving a pre-first seder hashkaffa shiur.
The tools needed to be a torah Jew in our present society requires more that just a few years learning in yeshiva. The yeshiva experience has to be a made up of goals and accomplishment with a geshmak and leibedigkite. A lasting impression that will endure well beyond one’s yeshiva years. Where is that found? Two words: Sh’or Yoshuv. Come see for yourself.