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50 years is just the beginning. B’ezras Hashem, the Yeshiva will continue to actualize Rav Freifeld’s glorious dream and continue to impact more and more talmidim.

To mark this major milestone, the Yeshiva’s annual dinner will honor individuals who have been integral to the Yeshiva’s growth and part of its fabric for many years.

It is a great honor to recognize the amazing dedication of our esteemed Rosh Yeshiva, Horav and Rebbetzin Naftali Jaeger, at the 50th Anniversary Dinner. Rav Jaeger has stewarded the yeshiva for many years and set the tone for the atmosphere within its walls. He is renowned for his great scholarship coupled with intense warmth and caring. Talmidim young and old attest to the Rosh HaYeshiva’s unique fatherly relationship with them. Despite his myriad responsibilities, he cares for every individual, and the entire individual, making sure he is always on a path for maximum growth.

We are blessed to have a leader of his caliber in our midst and will demonstrate our appreciation and admiration at this year’s dinner. We will also honor two very special friends of the Yeshiva. Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Jacobs are well-known in the world of building. Mr. Jacobs was the mastermind behind our magnificent campus which was built 16 years ago. Since then, he has become a close friend of the Yeshiva and its staff. We are proud to bestow upon him the Legacy Builder Award.

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